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Follow Your Gut Podcast

Juniper Bennett

Ever wish you had a mama friend in your back pocket who wasn't afraid to talk about poop, vaginal infections, skin rashes, behavioral issues and everything in between? Someone who speaks about common symptoms clearly and gives you natural ideas of how to actually heal from the root (hello gut bacteria!) instead of masking? And I am not talking about essential oils here. While those have their place, I am talking deeper stuff - like causes, prevention and finding overall balance. As a mama to four I have gone through the ups and downs of sleepless nights, undiagnosed symptoms, gotten the complete runaround from the medical system and have found a different way. This podcast will empower you to heal your family. New episodes will be released every Tuesday morning. They will be short enough that you can probably time them perfectly with your cold cup of coffee and dry shampoo routine. Make sure you are subscribed so you automatically get my latest episodes. Sending you a big mama hug!

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